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Michael Mahonec, CPA

Michael Mahonec, CPA, MBA. Commenced professional career with the firm then known as Arthur Young & Company, CPAs.  As Audit Manager at Arthur Young his clients included Pepsi Cola Company, Sprague Electric Company, and GK Technologies Inc. In addition to audits, Mr. Mahonec trained as a computer audit specialist and participated in acquisition evaluations of various Pepsico Bottling Group subsidiaries.  While managing and directing the operations of a family-owned wholesale building supply business, he negotiated three union contracts and was the lead negotiator for the owners’ association for the last contract.  At BWC, Mr. Mahonec is the Senior Manager for all of the firms’ employee benefit plan audits.  He also supervises other financial audits of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, performs tax services and provides management consulting services for a variety of clients.